Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd.

Situated in Coimbatore, Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd manufactures and supplies industrial acids- caustic soda, soda ash, acetic acid, nitric acid, formic acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, ammonium bi fluoride and sulphuric acid. Apart from these acids, we offer industrial chemicals like formaldehyde and hydro fluoric
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Industrial Acids
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Industrial Acids

Industrial Acids
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From us you can get various varieties of industrial acids. Details of those products are mentioned below:

Caustic Soda

We, Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd, are the recognized supplier and manufacturer of various kinds of industrial acids. From us you can have Caustic Soda Flakes and Caustic Soda Prills at industry leading rates considered for precise composition, transparency and specific pH value. The product finds application in manufacturing of rayon, pulp, dyes, pharmaceuticals, textiles, soap, detergents and aluminum metal. While packaging caustic soda into leak- proof packets, our packaging staffs put higher concentration ensuring that product is absolutely safe for transporting. If you require this product in your industry, then you can ring us on given number anytime as per suitability. As soon we receive order, we guarantee of its instant delivery.

Soda Ash

We, Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd, offer soda ash chemical that finds application in the making of glass like mirrors, windows, fiber glass and TV tubes, processing of textiles, petroleum refining, metal refining, manufacturing of detergents as well as in water softeners. Its chemical name is Sodium Carbonate. Soda ash light and soda ash dense what you get from has high weathering characteristics which is actually their specialty. Apart from that, it has ideal melting point and molecular weight. If you need Soda Ash in large amounts and that too, at industry leading rates, then please do ring us on numbers given below. Product would be sent directly at the mentioned venue.

Acetic Acid

We, Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd are the reliable firm of Tamil Nadu from where you can have Dilute Acetic Acid and Glacial Acetic Acid in the appropriate amounts, needed to accomplish various industrial applications. Acetic Acid is actually a solvent used in the preparation of pickles, cellulose acetate, dyes manufacturing acetone and esters, thickening rubber from latex and white lead. As per clients’ requirement, we do the delivery of Acetic Acid which is moisture free, highly corrosive and releases pungent irritating smell. During the formulation of this acid, our staff personnel utilize appropriate safety measures, causing no effect to its limpidness and effectiveness. Food and textile industries are best buyers of Acetic Acid.

Nitric Acid

Our group, Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd, is one of the eminent suppliers of Nitric acid which is valued for its purity and precise pH value. Ours is the best hub for finding nitric acid AR grade and LR Grade Nitric Acid. Nitric Acid is highly corrosive and a toxic strong mineral acid that is widely used in numerous applications. The product is required to make explosives and to extort gold from other metals. Apart from that, it finds applications in preparation of fertilizers such as calcium nitrate. Concerning your requirement, put orders for the required product. We guarantee of delivering ordered product at mentioned venue and that too, within stipulated time frame.

Formic Acid

Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd has gained huge popularity in the market of chemicals and acids, popular for supplying de scaling formic acid and liquid formic acid. The group holds expertise in offering eco friendly formic acid and that too at minimal rates. Motto behind focusing our attention on this product is to enforce customers to make environment free from harmful chemicals. It finds application in textile industry, artificial flavorings and perfume industry. It is used as solvent modifier for HPLC separations and an active ingredient used in limescale remover. Clinical pathologists require it to disinfect prion activity in brain samples. Supply of formic acid is done in hard-wearing and leak-proof packets.

Hydrochloric Acid:

We, Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd, are the first and foremost choice of numerous industrialists engaged in the manufacturing of various kinds of products. Most of them place order for hydrochloric acid commercial grade and concentrated hydrochloric acids required for removing rust from steel, renewal of ION exchanges, manufacture of inorganic and organic compounds, dyes, phenols and plastics, acidizing petroleum wells etc. If your business requires excess usage of industrial hydrochloric acid, then place order of the required capacity to us. Delivery of the product in demanded amount would be done sooner. Always remember to handle it with proper protection as it is a strong mineral acid. Call us for getting hydrochloric acid that work as cleaning solution in households and official premises.

Phosphoric Acid:

Phosphoric Acid Chemical is demanded heavily by numerous industrialists engaged in conducting several industrial applications as well as in the making of medicines. For meeting with the need of clients we offer orthophosphoric acid that is used as a preservative to acidify foods and beverages, electrolyte in oxyhydrogen generators, chemical oxidizing agent for activated carbon productions, removal of rust, electrolyte in copper electro-polishing, pH adjuster in cosmetics and skin care products- creams, lotions etc. If you are looking forward to have technical grade phosphoric acid at budget friendly rates, then give us a call on any of the numbers given below. We would be happy to cater with your need for getting phosphoric acid within short span of time.

Ammonium Bi Fluoride:

We, Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd, are one of the highly reputed and renowned ammonium bi fluoride suppliers engaged in the business of formulating Ammonium Bi Fluoride Chemicals on large scale, following entire company standards and norms. It is broadly used for soldering fluxes and production of wood preservatives. Apart from these uses, Ammonium Bi Fluoride is also used in engraving of glass, oil drilling and dispensation of alloys. Ammonium Bi Fluoride is hazardous for health that’s why always use it very carefully. It is also valued as a harsh cleaning solution, so if you see its effective usage at your place and require in noticeable amounts, then call us soon and place order for the same.

Sulphuric Acid:

Sakthy Sunder Acids (P) Ltd is a renowned firm that is appreciated for the quality products it keeps and offers in cost- effective rates. Ours is the most well- liked firm that offers Sulphuric Acid L.R Grade and Cp Grade Sulphuric Acid in industry leading prices. It finds applications in the industries that are engaged in manufacturing of useful fertilizers like ammonium sulphate and


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